1st May – Procrastination and introduction

This first letter will be a product of procrastination. You may wonder, what is there to put off? That would be an exam. And not just any exam but one covering a fiendishly difficult ancient language. It is probably less difficult for the assiduous worker, but for those who find revision and extra-curricular work a chore than an impending exam is an unwelcome intrusion.

The predicament brings to mind a line from ‘The Lord of The Rings’ (although some literary purists might consider it and the fantasy genre rather puerile, it serves its purpose as a key procrastination tool):

‘It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.’

The problem with revision is finding the will to start. However nostalgia also plays its part. One thinks back to those not very distant days without the approaching scholastic test and wonders how that time was taken for granted. As well as reading, pondering and socialising I find myself spending too much time on the internet. With its quick bursts of entertainment and factual snippets it can amuse the user for hours while he feels he has not learnt anything useful or spent his time at all efficiently. I believe prior generations were not enabled to such a degree to be affected by short attention spans because the internet did not exist.

Although, one aspect which is helping me to bear my ordeal is the thought of plans over the summer. I find myself given over to wanderlust and am debating in my mind whether to travel over the summer to either Central Asia or the Middle East. Although pecuniary difficulties could curtail these desires, somewhat, I hope to at least work for a period in France.

But the night draws in, twilight is upon me and the cold hand of revision drags on my shoulder.

Your esteemed friend,

Edmund Donnellan.


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