3rd May – Exam elation

Elation – the exam went as well as can be expected. Although I was happier that I could reach an irenic state of mind. Sometimes I feel an awful sense of foreboding before an event, it is entirely irrational yet when the deed is done one feels as if a weight has been lifted. It was mainly translation and commentary as well as unseen texts which posed a challenge but not an insurmountable one.

It took place in a large hall which was of a Victorian Italianesque Renaissance style. A mural of Minerva looked down upon me and the time flew past. I walked back in the rain after it was over, it did not seem an annoyance though as the day was warm and the light drizzle refreshing.

Alas, my task is not over yet. I have another exam in a few days and must begin preparation. However, now I think I will take a break from more academic needs and either read ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or some essays by the theologian Stanley Hauerwas. If I were feeling particularly indolent, I would watch the television series ‘Spaced’. The series is one I have recently stumbled across and is a light, heavily pop-culture referencing comedy about North London flatmates.

We shall see. I also will read some of The Economist to keep track of the English local elections, which are shaping up to be mildly interesting (relatively for a regional election). This brings me to another point concerning following current events. The Telegraph has recently introduced a pay-wall on their website. I would normally mix The Guardian and The Telegraph as my two main sources of current news; this was to gain a balance perspective as the tone of both begins to grate on the mind after a while. But now my subtle balance has been lost. Ah!

Your faithful writer,

Edmund Donnellan.


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