3rd May – Mad Medea is ‘Spaced’ out


Euripides (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find the process of writing not so much soothing as rewarding. The sense of satisfaction to see thoughts, which would whisk past as zephyrs in the mind, written down for posterity. Some words which have lasted a long time are Medea’s in Euripides’ play;

‘I would rather stand three times with a shield in battle than give birth once.’

Although a character that was overwhelming to the Greeks, her description as arch-feminist is also debateable. The dilemma which this line poses is, which is the worst predicament. The ancient woman would have certainly faced problems if difficulties arose in childbirth. But the two experiences would only have a limited number of participants, even today.

It is the character that is of most interest; seeing her reputation as above all, to the extent of gruesomely killing her children, the play does not hold back on the melodrama.

Moreover, I watched greater amounts of ‘Spaced’. It reminds me of programmes such as ‘The IT Crowd’ and ‘Black Books’. There are few moments of uproarious laughter, that maybe a more physical comedy would offer,  but it tickles the soul and will probably offer satisfactory repeat viewing.

Conversely, my Tolkien reading has slowed, I find myself in that paralysis often found a third of the way into a book when the first flushes of plot development have faded and one must strive through a plateau. By God I will try though!

I grow slightly weary of my room these last few days, I believe I will partake in some exercise tomorrow, to stretch weary muscles and warm old bones.

Your loyal friend,



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