4th May – Sleeping beauty lacks a work ethic

Sleeping Beauty, Gustave Doré, via Wikimedia Commons

Today has hardly been industrious. I awakened just before noon, discovering I had missed breakfast. Unperturbed at the time I returned to my slumber for another two hours.

It is now half four and no work has been done or even attempted. I then began to wonder; how does one acquire a work ethic? A conscientious attitude to work, projects and deadlines seems to have eluded me. Is the assiduous worker born with this attitude programmed into them or is it an aspect one can develop through volition or environment. To speak in general terms I believe a conscientious attitude to work is more often found in women. Keen to do a satisfactory job and more apt to worry about what their colleagues think, women usually have a greater incidence of the work ethic. Men – although the eager worker goes forth just as assiduously – are less risk-averse and are more willing to gamble that something will turn out for the best in the end.

I would hazard a guess that this is more of a case of nature over nurture, as with most things. Yet am I happier the way I am? I find struggling through a task difficult if unenthusiastic; happier to take a chance that a thing can be delayed or corners cut. Maybe I am not a paragon of productiveness, but it is a path I do not mind – slowly – walking down.

Your eager and dynamic writer,

Edmund Donnellan.


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