4th May – Euphonious Sounds and Local Elections

David Cameron


A dull end to a dull day. The evening has drawn in and action has still alluded me. On a lighter note, after pondering for a while I believe my two favourite Ancient Greek words are λαμβάνω (take) and δεῖπνον (dinner). They have a certain euphony and interesting sound to them. I am not sure if English is a euphonious language naturally; but it has such a large array of vocabulary and different ways of speaking it that one can probably fall anywhere on a spectrum of pleasurable vocalisation.

Sadly, I could not vote in the English local elections recently. I was at university on polling day and could not get a proxy or postal vote in place in time. Surely the democratic process will survive though. Sometimes it feels as if the main political parties are quite homogeneous and one vote will never change anything. Of course, that is not an attitude which a vast majority of people could hold, as then the oligarch of remaining voters would matter and you would probably become less apathetic.

For the question of American politics, I prefer to read The New York Times and The Economist. Although after a while of reading the former one can see why Americans complain of media partisanship.

Now I shall attempt to sleep. Work can be done tomorrow and I hope optimistically for an early start.

Your marginally tired correspondent,



2 thoughts on “4th May – Euphonious Sounds and Local Elections

  1. Nice blog and I like your letters to the world as a concept….and yes I think it doesn’t seem to make a great deal of difference who you vote for. After many years of trying to live we voted with our feet and moved to Switzerland…

    • Thanks for the comment, it’s good to get some feedback and hopefully be lifted out of internet obscurity. I’ve always liked the idea of the more direct democracy in Switzerland too.

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