9th May – A ‘Memento’ of Chekhov and cats

English: Colossus, a huge white-and-tabby cat.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being at home I slept until the early afternoon. I made no pretense to attempt to preserve my sleeping pattern. However, later on in the day after begrudgingly dressing and making some semblance at getting ready to seize the day, I went to my grandmother’s house. My cat now lives there and I was very happy to see it as I am fond of her and cats in general. The cat in question was a rescue cat and has a tendency for biting the hand that feeds it. Yet most who come across it grow to like it. I wonder if one can switch from a cat person to a dog person and vice versa later in life or is it fixed from childhood?

I did not achieve much for the rest of the day, I read some of my Latin textbook and watched a film. The film was a 2010 adaptation of Chekhov’s ‘The Duel’. It kept my attention and I believe I will try and read the novella. But what captured my attention most was the setting. Apparently it was Croatia parading as the Caucasus but the surroundings seemed as if one could spend a summer there very happily.

A few days earlier I had watched the film ‘Memento’  starring Guy Pearce. The film follows a man with retrograde amnesia who is trying to find his wife’s killer. The film is meant to be a very accurate portrayal of this type of amnesia and one empathises with the main character’s plight. He can only remember for a short period of time. However, it is the end of the movie which opens a can of worms and the viewer must make their own interpretation of events at the end. Although, what makes the film particularly interesting is the reverse chronological order. One sees the protagonist kill ‘his man’ at the beginning and then we see each scene leading up to this. Normally, I am a person who appreciates mostly clear linear plot devices. But this works well with the film and the ambiguities that are piled on by the end. I would heartily recommend it as a psychological thriller and leave it for you to trawl through the internet to find the ‘true’ interpretation of the film.

I went to bed after Chekhov

Cover of "Memento"

Cover of Memento

as there were hundreds of television channels and seemingly nothing on.

Your film overloaded friend,



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