17th May – ‘I see dead people’ and fat ones

A sleepless night spilled over until morning. I found myself at four in the morning watching a delightful television programme named ‘Fat Families’. Falling into a slumber soon after whilst watching a repeat of ‘This Week’ – always a fan of Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo.

After a troubled sleep I went to bed at ten in the morning until two. My sleeping pattern was now sadly scuppered but not terminal. I lazed in the sun again in the afternoon, trying to enjoy the meagre rays while they lasted. Next, I watched ‘The Sixth Sense’ this has been quite a film week for me. Never having seen it before I was surprised by the twist at the end. It was a well put together thriller and surprisingly spine-tingling.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Later I went for a meal with my mother and her partner and then to the pub with my friends. I did not stay at the pub too long, yet managed to fit in the obligatory pints of Guinness. After losing at pool, in which my skills have not exponentially risen, I headed home.

Unforeseen, I feel surprisingly tired.

Your writer,

Edmund Donnellan.


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