15th May – Devoid of runner’s high

I felt the vegetation process was beginning to take hold. Thus I leapt up from the settee and decided to go jogging near to my house. This was about one o’clock and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I still looked haggard from only waking up an hour before. However, one must seize these capricious whims which will benefit you in the long run.

Lacking trainers I had to run in plimsolls. Hoping the light drizzle would not turn into a shower I set off into the miserable May afternoon. I planned to run down a country road to a small hamlet about three miles away. Unfortunately I would have to retrace my steps when running back; I do not apprehend this with pleasure as each step taken is one which must be ran back. If there is a circular route one is always closing in on a destination.

The going was tough. I have never being a natural runner and felt my lungs where going to burst out my chest and legs fall off. After dodging a few tractors along the way I made about three miles in all. Although I could not help pondering where my runner’s high was meant to be? Where were my rush of endorphins? I will try and run again; yet it will take a steely will to get going.

Fit and fighting,

Edmund Donnellan