16th May – Eurovision and ‘Kontroll-ing’ the horror

Awakening around midday, I ate some fruit for brunch. Since it was moderately balmy I sat outside for a while. Unfortunately, the cloud coverage built in density and I returned inside. I was still sore from jogging yesterday so did nothing strenuous – at all. For a meal I ate a corned beef plait, which was a less pleasant dish than I remembered, although beggars cannot be choosers.

Then instead of doing anything remotely intellectually stimulating I watched both Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals back-to-back. This was a lengthy way to spend a day, despite this I quite enjoyed it. Who does not find entertainment in questionable translations and dubious taste?

Following this I watched a Hungarian thriller called ‘Kontroll.’ The essence of the film follows a team of ticket inspectors, whilst a hooded figure is murdering people by pushing them in front of trains. I enjoyed the film, it was a tense psychological thriller and left ambiguities as the best European films do. One of the reason I believe I appreciate horror films and thrillers is the fact I have quite an over-active imagination and am easily put on edge by tense films. While enjoying them at the time, I can discover that sleep deserts me, hairs stand on end and sounds reverberate around the house leaving me highly-strung for a few hours. This is exclusively in the darker hours, but watching these types of films in the middle of the day would be an injustice. The paradox is, I enjoy the horror but probably should look away.

Neurotic and skittish,

Edmund Donnellan.