7th May – Trains and gym training

Finding myself at a loose end today I decided to go to the gym. Now, it had been around three weeks since I last went so I found myself fatigued more quickly than I would have preferred. Yet spurred on by the good weather the trek to and from the gym did not seem so bad and it felt good to stretch muscles that had been unused for a while.

Then I met some friends and sat enjoying the sunshine for a while. This being one of the first few days were the temperature was comfortably warm. Myself, I prefer warmer climates although maybe I would sicken of living in a humid clime permanently.

Moreover, I determined to look over some Latin and attempt to read some ancient texts. The annoyance is that I did not have this volition before my exam but now wish to work after it. I put this down to a dislike of being cajoled into work.

Tomorrow, I will also hopefully head home. Travelling by train has always been my favourite form of transport. Cars are too restrictive and box their passengers in, whilst aeroplanes can put me on edge although an enjoyable novelty. Is being a train driver an arduous career? One does not need to really direct a train too much but I am not sure what else it entails. I am looking forward to being homeward bound at the least.

Your enthusiastic writer,

Edmund Donnellan.

Shirley Station - geograph.org.uk - 1604761

Shirley Station – geograph.org.uk – 1604761 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)