6th May – A discovery in a different quarter

Another exam has been completed and examination season stress is beginning to abate. An irritation of exams is that many seem to be scheduled for early in the morning. This does not suit my temperament, yet to complete the deed by noon and have the rest of the day for celebrations and relaxation in a sybaritic manner is a bonus. The paper itself went smoothly but discovering the facile errors one has made can disturb even the solidest of minds.

Additionally I discovered within my wallet a foreign coin. What I at first perceived to be a ten pence coin turned out to be an American quarter. Some person must have given it to me in a pile of change. I did not realise its presence until the next time I had need of payment. I particularly enjoyed the Latin motto on the coin, e pluribus unum (from many one). A boon of learning Latin has been trying to decipher various mottoes on monuments and buildings. Classics must have some use I suppose.

Moreover, I have decided I would quite like to learn a new language. I’m leaning towards a Scandinavian one at the moment. However, it would be interesting to learn a language which is not Indo-European, as all these languages share a common route it would intriguing to start from a true blank slate.

A now sybaritic writer,

Edmund Donnellan.

State hood quarter dollar obverse, Philadelphi...

State hood quarter dollar obverse, Philadelphia mint, uncirculated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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